Saturday, October 31, 2009

No more princess!

We have past the princess stage.
For now, I hope.

If you look behind her bag she's wearing
neon green and black striped stockings.

I think the weather up here put a damper on Halloween spirit.
After doing some asking around we ended up at
Who knew?
It was cool trick ot treating in a grocery store.
Each dept had a little game set up for the kids with treats as rewards.
Mullet man and the witch

Bakery dept

Meat dept

Produce dept

eating popcorn

After Publix we drove around some neighborhoods
and found a really good one.
It was dark by that time so the pictures didn't turn out.
And then it rained!

This is after we got home.
No nose.
Makeup had sweat off.
She was wet.
But she was a very happy little witch!
Happy Halloween!

Until then...

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