Thursday, February 18, 2010

Uh - oh

Helping Shelby with her homwork has become, well....
For those of you who know me know that when it comes to math
I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.
So who knew school systems now teach geometry in second grade?
This is where we are.

a cube - got it
sphere - ok
cone - piece of cake
rectangular prism - um
faces, edges - sure
vertices - VERTICES?
trapezoid - I think I remember that from BASIC math.
parallelogram - did I even spell it right?

See what I mean?
I'm lost.
So guess what?
I'm not smarter than a second grader.

until then...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't know why, but I love to sit and look through old cookbooks. Especially church cookbooks.
They are the first place I go when wanting to try something new or to find something familiar.
I love to cook but don't really do a whole lot of it with Larry's work schedule and not to mention I have a picky 8 year old.
Upon browsing I stumbled upon this cute recipe.
Little did I know I had been working on this very recipe for many years now.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I almost wet my pants I laughed so hard at these poor babies.

until then...

I am a Christian


When I say that 'I am a Christian', I am not shouting that 'I am clean living.

I'm whispering 'I was lost, but now I'm found and forgiven.'

When I say 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.

I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide. 

    When I say 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.

I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength to carry on.

When I say 'I am a Christian' I'm not bragging of success.

I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.

When I say 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect.

My flaws are far too visible, but God believes I am worth it.

When I say 'I am a Christian' I still feel the sting of pain.

I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His name.

When I say 'I am a Christian' I'm not holier than thou,

I'm just a simple sinner who received God's good grace, somehow!

Today is Beautiful Christian Woman's Day.

Pretty is as Pretty does but, Beautiful is just plain Beautiful.

until then...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010