Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't know why, but I love to sit and look through old cookbooks. Especially church cookbooks.
They are the first place I go when wanting to try something new or to find something familiar.
I love to cook but don't really do a whole lot of it with Larry's work schedule and not to mention I have a picky 8 year old.
Upon browsing I stumbled upon this cute recipe.
Little did I know I had been working on this very recipe for many years now.

"How to Preserve a Spouse"

Make your selection carefully and let it be for keeps.
Choose on young and tenderand of good moral growth.
If selected carefully, they will last for years.
Do not pickle or put in hot water because this makes them sour and hard.
Neither should you roast them or keep them in a stew.

To preserve, sweeten with tender love and kindness.
Flavor with kisses and envelope in patience.
Wrap well in a mantle of kindness.
Simmer gently over low heat of steady and warm devotion.
The poorest variety may be improved by this process and if well seasoned with the deeds of human kindness, will improve with age and last forever. 

from the cookbook of Edgewood Methodist Church
Columbus, Georgia
circa 199?

until then...


Weezer said...

This is good, Angelia. And so true. You should do more like this. I miss you when you're gone.
Maybe Shelby could 'guest blog' for you sometime. ;)

Jessica said...

Preach on! =)

I like the idea of a guest blog from Shlebby. =)

Granny said...

I know why you love cook books! Remember all of those on my book shelf? I think Weezer counted them last week to make sure I hadn't added any without getting rid of some. I have always loved looking at cook books - your Mom does also.