Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jessica, this is for you

As you can probaby tell I do a lot surfing around Youtube.
Usually for what ever strikes me that particular day.
Well tonight I was in the mood to watch Casting Crown videos.
Watch this video and leave me a comment about what you see.
I was so excited that I picked it out.
I hope that you do, too!
Mom, you should catch it as well!
Does Anybody Hear Her

Until then...


Beccalynn said...

Hmmm... since Casting Crowns is from Georgia, I'm thinking I'm not going to see whatever "it" is. I mean, they are from GA, right? I know that they're at least Southern

Good video, though! I believe they showed it at Creation because I've seen it before and I couldn't imagine another reason why.

Weezer said...

Of course I got it!!
Dad did too. I think the cottage might be up at WinShape. Good eye, Angelia.

Jessica said...

I just now saw that you had posted this.....I don't know why it didn't show up before.

And GOSH.....that made me CRY! I guess because it's "home" and I always LOVED that campus in the fall and I know it looks like that now and I'd love to go visit and can't and goodness.......the emotions that stirred up in me....

Thanks for posting that. It was a little jolt this morning. A good jolt, but a jolt nonetheless.

And yeah....good eye!