Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paris Mountain Field Trip

Paris Mountain State Park is located north of Greenville, S.C.
So today Larry and I chaperoned Shelby's class.
We learned about the life cycles of various living organisms and their habitats.
Here are some pictures of our great day!

Shelby, Emma, Ann Frances

Ranger Cathy

searching for anything that lives in Mountain Creek

sunlight through the trees

class picture minus a few

 a flower called "Bursting Heart"

Shelby's teacher Mrs. Coker

man made dam built in the late 1800's

foot path down to the bottom of the dam

Shelby had a great time!

Until then...


Weezer said...

Aw! I miss field trips! Looks like it was a fun one. And that park looks really pretty!

Weezer said...

Okay.....so......this isn't Weezer. I'm Jessica, somehow still signed on as Weezer from when she was here earlier. That was a weird moment.

Weezer said...

Jessica thought it was weird!? Imagine how surprised I was when I opened this up to see my picture there..not once but twice.
Anyway. This looked like a great trip. And I'm so glad that the schools today are still able to do this kind of thing. Not everthing needs to be learned in the classroom! Great pictures!

Weezer said...

Unrelated to this post........you've been nominated for an award. Check out my blog!

Beccalynn said...

Hey, Angelia! I remember you because I believe I met you the first time I visited Jess, and well, I'm an avid follower of jess's blog so I feel like I know you and your daughter! It's fun seeing about your field trip! Part of me can't wait until those days with Noelle. Part of me can, of course!