Monday, October 19, 2009

You've got to enter this give away!

My sister, Jessica, over on
is having a great give away!
She is giving away the Micheal Buble's new cd,
"Crazy Love".
By the way, she's giving away 5 cd's.
So, give it a whirl!
You could be the owner of this new cd!

Until then...


Jessica said...

Hurray! Thanks!

You're gonna hate me, though. See, I use to select my winners, and the way that works is that I put in the number of comments I have and it picks a random number, like if I have 10 comments, I tell it my range is 1-10 and it comes up with, say, 7.

So......I actually need a separate comment for each entry.

Poopy, I know, and pretty tedious....but completely necessary. I don't make the rules. =(

So......if you could do a separate comment for each of those, it would help a lot. You can just put, literally, "facebook," or, "blog," or, "follower." Doesn't have to be anything long.

And this particular company found ME. Can you believe it? They sent me an email and asked if I wanted to help them promote CDs, and I was like, "um, SHYEAH!"

Jessica said...

Well done. You now have lotsa entries.