Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family outing

Sundays have become Family Day.
With Larry working nights during the week Shelby and I don't see him much.
So Saturdays are devoted to resting, housework, etc.
Sundays we do things like watch movies, play games, or do whatever.
Together as a family.
Today we went to my favorite spot in Greenville.
Falls Park on the Reedy.
This being my favorite time of year I knew it would be beautiful.
And it was.

While at the park we stopped at a cafe where she got a scoop of ice cream
and we got a cup of coffee.

(a balloon artist was there and Shelby got a fish on a pole)

her hand in mine

After a great afternoon at the park we came home and
cooked steaks on the grill.
It was a great day.

Until then...


Weezer said...

I hope this doesn't piss you off, but I was wondering if you had done all of that after church.
Those are beautiful pictures. I love that park and hope to get back there someday.

Jessica said...

I LOVE the one of your hands together, and the one of Shlebby and Larry is beautiful!

I'd like to take Leah there whenever we come visit. She's only been there, um, in utero. =)