Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where are the ducks?

Ok. So the name of our apartment complex (correction, community) is "Mallard Cove". With a name like that it sounds like there's nothing but ducks here, right? Oh, how wrong! It should be called "Goose Corner".

The more that I'm around these geese the more I become fascinated by them. I've gotten where I sit on the ground with them and they walk right up to me. Virtually sitting in my lap. Some of them are so used to humans that they even let you touch them.

These are goslings. According to the internet the one on the left is about 10-12 weeks old. The ones on the right are about 8 weeks old. They don't honk yet. They make more of a weezing whistle.

There's something about their feet. When walking on pavement, it sounds like a spatula on the counter. Slap, slap, slap!
Some of them have bands around their "ankles". For tracking, I suppose.

Oh, by the way. Yes, the do "goose" each other. In fact, I was "goosed" by one of them on the rear because I didn't give him (or her) a piece of bread. There aren't any special markings that differentiate a male from a female.
The pond in the center of the "complex .

Oh, here's some ducks!

Until then....


Weezer said...

Great job!! It was worth the wait. Ain't this fun?

Jessica said...

Haha! You got goosed! Did I ever tell you Scott got goosed by a goat at the fair? Scared a little girl to death. Thought the goat was going to eat her.

I'm so glad you're able to spend some time out and around the "community." It's a really good thing, I think, that you're having some time to get acclimated before you have to start working and being hectic crazy busy all the time. You can get your feet on the ground.