Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day in Greenville

I think Larry's Father's Day was a good one.

When asked what he wanted to do today, he said he wanted to hit some balls.

So away we went.

Next to fishing, this has become of Larry's passions. Forget going and playing a few holes, I think he would rather just go to a driving range.

Shelby seems to hold hold her own pretty well.
Then I gave it a try. What a fiasco! Larry kept laughing at me. Said he could tell I played softball by the way I was swinging. I told him I probably would have had better luck hitting the ball like it was a softball.
Then Shelby began to get bored....

On a "hole", it was a very good day!

So I wish all the father's, father's to be, and grandfather's in the family a Happy Father's Day!

Until then....


Jessica said...

Great post! Love the pun at the end....I think Dad would be proud.

Scott talks sometimes about how he was told when he started playing golf in high school that his swing was all wrong because he hit it like he was still playing baseball. I think that's a really common problem.

I can't believe how Shelby likes doing that. Surprises me somehow. That might be her thing!

Jessica said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You are NEVER going to believe this. So, I was checking your blog and re-reading posts, as I often do, when something struck me that hadn't struck me before.

You live in Mallard Cove.

That sounded familiar all of a sudden, and not just because I was re-reading it. Because I'm here at work, I think it clicked.

My boss - Boss Man himself - is the developer of your apartment complex.

No kidding. Really. I went into his office and double checked in one of his filing cabinets, and there it was. A whole Mallard Cove section.

Holy mallard. That's FREAKY.

Weezer said...

Okay. Time for a new post. I'll be watching.