Monday, June 23, 2008

Baseball, Bridges, and Bass

Saturday night, Larry's company provided all the managers and their families tickets to see the local baseball team play. We actually got to sit in the suites! Free food and beer! The Greenville Drive is in the same minor league as the Augusta Greenjackets. If we ever go to the game where the two of them play, I guess I'll have to sit behind home plate so I can root for both teams.
It's a beautiful stadium. Oh, before I forget. The Greenville Drive is the farm team for the Boston Red Sox. How exciting is that for you, Mom?

May I introduce the mascot? His name is "Reedy". He's named for the Reedy River that runs through Greenville. Shelby was a fan from afar.

Mommy and Shelby

Shelby took this! How awesome!

And then she took this. "These lights are so they can play when it gets dark."

Grown men racing motorized toilets.

The Drive lost. But who cares? Fun was had by all.

Sunday was quiet. Larry went and played a round of golf with the other managers of his warehouse.

Later in the evening we went downtown to walk around the Falls Park on the Reedy. I so can't wait to take anybody down there.

This is the suspension bridge that is over the river at the falls. It's 355 feet in length and is only supported on one side by it's towers that lean downstream at a 15-degree angle.

The gardens that make up the park house an amphitheatre, park benches, swings, etc. It has to be my most favorite place so far in Greenville.

I've got an outing planned for Monday.

Until then...

P.S. Ok. So there was no bass. I needed another "b" word.

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Nisha said...

I have finally caught up on all your posts, and I must say I can't wait to visit!!! That park looks gorgeous!! Looks and sounds like you're settling in quite well. I'm really happy you are finding your "home" there. We still miss ya here, but I keep reminding myself it's only 2 hours away. LOL