Friday, June 20, 2008


This week we have spent a good bit of time at the pool. The weather here has been beautiful. Low to mid 80's with no humidity.

Here are a few photos. Buried treasure at the bottom of the pool. 50 cents. Jackpot!Larry attemptimg to dunk Shelby. Didn't succeed. The water only came up to her chin.

Not really sure what this was about. Maybe water up her nose? Whatcha think?

She calls her herself "water ballerina". I think she's in contention for a gold metal in synchronized swimming.

Here she is "racing" a little boy named Andrew. He's seven and still wears his water wings, too.

With Shelby, we're not really working with her on the fundamentals of swimming. We just want her to get used to the water and how her body moves in water. If not anything we can get past the water in her face issue. Bath time is not easy when it comes to washing her hair!

We've got some things scheduled this weekend, so I'll have something to report!

Until then...

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Jessica said...

You're not kidding - washing her hair is no picnic. I always feel like such a monster when I have to do it. If you can get her used to that, BRAVO!