Friday, September 12, 2008

Snagglepuss - Take 2

Does anyone know what the rules are for the toothfairy returning for a second time in a 24 hour time period?

Is she on call 24/7?

Here's hoping.

Last night the toothfairy brought Shelby a gold dollar coin, the new animated Barbie movie, and a certificate. I think Shelby was amazed by the whole thing.

It's funny how just two missing teeth can change the way you look.

It's goofy looking but very cute at the same time.

Until then...


Nisha said...

Oh, My!! 2 teeth in as many days. Yay for Shelby!!!! Nic says that's good she lost 2 teeth. He also says he'll be 7 after next week, and he can't wait to see Shelby again.

Jessica said...

Wow. She really does look different! Such a big girl!

Tell her that I told her congratulations, and that I can't wait to see her snaggly mouth! How great. I know she's excited.

And I was dying to know what the tooth fairy had brought her. I knew times had changed, so I was most curious to see what she has moved on to bringing to little ones.

So cute!