Friday, September 19, 2008

I can't take much more!

You know when someone has their house or any other type of private property such as a car vandalized they say they feel violated?

Yeah, well, it's true.

Larry, Shelby, and I left this morning to go to school as we normally do.
Took her to school and ran a couple of errands.

The weather here had been cool so I didn't pay much attention to what at the time I thought was dew on my car windows.
When making a turn into the parking lot of a parts store Larry and I heard what sounded like beads rolling around in the back dash. We both turned around to see what maybe Shelby had put up the window when Larry said,
"Your back windshield is busted!"
Sure enough.
So after a few choice words we drove back to the apartment where I filed a report with the management office in case it had been on their property and called the police to file a report with them.
While standing outside talking to the prpoerty manager one of the maintenance guys asked about what had been done. Come to find out there has been a crime spree here in Greenville where the vandals are shooting in windshields with BB or pellet guns.
So I have been a victim of a what could have been a car break in.
When looking at the glass, near the bottom of the window you can see where the pellets struck the glass not once but twice.
The windows on my car are tinted so honestly I think that was what saved my car from being actually broken into because the glass never gave way.

Until then...


Nisha said...

Oh, geez. Some people are just inconsiderate morons!! I'm sorry this happened to ya'll!!! Chin up, girl!!

Jessica said...

Oh, MAN! Mom told me about this when I saw her today, of course, but seeing that picture......geez. I'm so sorry! Is there an investigation going on? Can they catch the idjits who did it?

I'm really sorry! Keep us posted on what's going on.