Thursday, September 11, 2008

The beginning of a Snagglepuss

After much anticipation it's finally happened.
The loss of the FIRST tooth.
It had been loose for what seems forever.
Ok. Several weeks.
Now that she knows there is virtually no pain the next ones will come out at a more rapid pace.
After we wrapped it up and put in the pocket of her Tooth Angel bear she quickly got in her jammies and said that she needed to go to bed so the tooth fairy could come.
I don't think she quite knows what the tooth fairy does, but she knows it's important.
Until then...

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Nisha said...

Congratulations, Shelby!!!!!!! Did the Tooth Fairy leave you something good? I'm so glad she finally lost her first tooth. She's now officially snaggletooth with Nic. LOL I love that look.