Thursday, September 4, 2008


May I introduce the newest member of our family...


He is 16 weeks old.

We got him from one of our neighbors.

First he melted my heart when I saw how he took to Shelby.

She asked if we could keep him and I told her she would have to ask daddy.

Larry has been dead set on not having anymore cats.

But then came Sebastian.

(of course it didn't help when Shelby stuck out her lip and said please as she looked at him with her big brown eyes)

His coloring is completely opposite of Akira's. He's half grey and half white.

Akira has accepted him as a grandson, and well Gennie thinks he's a new toy.

They all get along very well.

Shelby has taken the responsibility of feeding, watering, and cleaning his litterbox.

So he stays in her bathroom when we're gone or asleep.

As for being fixed, that is in the VERY NEAR future.

Until then...Tuckered out

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Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! What a sweetheart! I wanna snuggle him! Ohhhh.........I love me some kitties!