Monday, December 14, 2009

o tannenbaum

My mom and sister have posted about their CHRISTmas trees that are
a working progress.
I figured I should post about my punny tree.
As a child, as far back as I can remember we always had a live tree.
So as an adult it seemed like that was something I should also continue to do.
Since I'm not working, we've taken the conservative route.
Starting last year I converted to artificial.
Though I still prefer a live tree, it'll have to do.

Until then...


Weezer said...

Very pretty, Angelia and Shelby. I wouldn't have known it was an artificial tree if you hadn't said so. Glad you shared with us. I've gotten mine done.

Beccalynn said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!!!

Jessica said...

Hey, don't be down about your tree! It's beautiful! I really like it!