Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Angel(i)a needs...

I was inspired by my mom's blog who was
in turn inspired by another blog to Google
my needs list.
Since my name has an unusual spelling I had to use
the more common spelling of Angela.
So here's my "needs" list

1.Angela needs to get away from her kids.
2.Angela needs her space.
3.Angela needs to constantly "feel" the presence of God.
4. Angela needs to name her pig.
5. Angela needs help.
6. Angela needs to get pregnant NOW!
7. Angela needs 20 quarts of 50% antifreeze solution in her radiator.
8. Angela needs a share in Victoria, BC.
9.Angela needs a physcological evaluation.
10. Angela needs to clean house some more and cut out some dead weight.

I would keep on going but it seems  to repeat that Angela needs to name her pig.
I can't help to wonder why her pig needs a name so desperatley.

Until then...


Jessica said...

Well, every pig needs a name!

Weezer said...

These are hysterical! Watch out! You're liable to become a blog addict!