Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pleasant Day

Saturday, my sister Jessica and her husband Scott came up to Greenville for the day to visit. Without my knowing they also brought mom. And yes, I cried.
We went to lunch at a deli called McAlister's followed by a tour to my favorite spot in Greenville. The Falls Park on the Reedy and the Children's Garden.
It was a great time to catch up with family again.

Gennie and Weezer getting re-acquainted

Shelby loves her Aunt Jess

Larry and Mom seeing the sights

The three of us

Jessica and Scott

Mom, Jessica, and Me

Mom giving Pooh a hug

Weezer and Shelby in Mr. McGregor's garden

(Create your own caption. I'm a loss for words.)

All we needed was Dad, Greatmother, Mark and Ashley.

I'm glad that they came and got to see where we live. It really felt good.

I'm excited to get back home next month for Dad's retirement.

Until then...


Nisha said...

I'm so glad you had a great visit with your family!! Looks like ya'll had fun catching up.

Michelle said...

This is my first attempt at leaving a comment on a blog. I have been following your blog since you started it. I love the picture of you, Jessica, and your mom. I need to find your email address so I can keep in touch.