Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catching up

The past few days have been a whirlwind.
Saturday we went to Carowinds with some new friends we've made. We hadn't been in a couple years and it was fun as always.
Fun until we found out that they had raised the heights limits on some of the rides.
We had boarded the train to the Carolina Goldrush (the equivalent of the Minetrain at Six Flags), buckled in and ready to pull out of the station when they singled Shelby out for a height check. Now two years ago she rode this ride and no one said anything. Do you know they threw her off the ride because she was a 1/2 of an inch too short. 1/2 of an inch!!! Larry and I were livid. I told the woman on duty that she had ridden it in the past and she smarted off at me and said that the heights had changed. The part that really ticked me off was when I looked at the rest of the train there were three children smaller than Shelby.

Larry finally got to ride his favorite ride. The Wheelie is what he calls it. Not certain if it's the right name though. The past couple times we've gone to Carowinds it's rained by the time we get to it. He was very happy.

Carowinds at sunset

Sunday and Monday were used to recuperate and to catch up on housework. _____________________________________________________

Tuesday came with a special treat.

My best bud Tenisha came up from Augusta with Justin, Nic, and Kaitlyn.
Nic was Shelby's classmate in Mrs. Lyles kindergarten class at Warren Road.

Justin is Nic's older brother and Kaitlyn is their younger sister.

We had a nice time catching up over lunch followed by going to the pool for a little while before they headed back to Georgia.

Shelby and Gennie giving Nic the tour .





Until then...


Jessica said...

Man - I don't check for a day or two and lots happens! I'm glad some folks came up to see y'all. Looks like you had a good time.

And GRRRRR! I would have been seriously ticked about the height change at Carowinds. Poor Shelby. She had to be crushed!

Did Larry ride that insane ride we rode a few years ago? The one where you're laying down?

Weezer said...

Larry looks like a Smooshie in that little car! I've never seen that ride before. Looks like something I'd like.
I'm glad Nic and his family got up there to see you and Shelby. I had wondered if they'd maded it up. It sounds like Shelby's made the move just fine.