Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wing Ding

Greenville has been taken over by the GWRRA.

The Goldwing Road Riders Association held their national convention (or rally)here this week.

It's a time for Honda motorcycle riders to come together for fellowship and education.

The GWRRA promotes safe riding for riders and awareness of motorcycles for those of us driving cars.

Larry's dad plays a big part in this society. He is the director of the local chapter in Augusta. They are known as Chapter F2.

So, this weekend he came up to Greenville with a part of his chapter for the day.

When these rally's take place, it's unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Motorcycles everywhere in every part of town.

Marshall and Sandra Skinner

John Hayes, Marshall and Sandra Skinner

Larry's dad didn't go back to Augusta with the rest of the group. He stayed behind to have supper with Larry, Shelby, and I. Later, we asked him to stay the night and he accepted.

We had an early supper at Olive Garden. Then came back to the apartment to rest for a little bit before taking dad downtown.

Shelby loves riding grandpa's motorcycle!

Our budding photographer took this picture of the three of us in downtown.


We got up to a very rainy morning. We actually had a thunderstorm that included a small power outage.

After a breakfast ar Cracker Barrel, Dad headed back to Augusta before it got hot or another rainstorm popped up.

We had a great visit.

Jessica - Did you know that Kermit was a huge Goldwing fan?

Until then...

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Jessica said...

KERMIT!!!!!!!!! I don't know how I feel about him being perched up there so precariously, but I suppose he knows what he's doing, huh?