Thursday, July 3, 2008

Down Home

So, Shelby and I headed down home to Augusta for a few days.
While catching up with mom, as we always do, we both realize it's lunch time and we're hungry.
So we came up with the plan to go get lunch and then head over to Great Mother's new house. (She recently relocated to Augusta from Montgomery, Al.)

Mom and I got over to her place to find that she had been to the mall and had bought new draperies for her living room.

So, we stayed to help to help her hang them.

While we were doing so, Shelby felt the need to "entertain" Pearl, GreatMother's poodle.

Here, she was demonstrating to Pearl how to play a game on her Nintendo DS.

On Saturday, we had to return to rehang the draperies. The hardware we used the day before was faulty.

While Dad and Great Mother had some other errands to run we went out for a walk around the neighborhood. Shelby felt right at home with the geese on the pond.

On Sunday, we had every intention to go to to church but Mom needed to rest. She had done too much over the past few days. Later that evening , I helped Mom and Dad change out there beds. They had obtained the "colonial" bed from Great Mother when she moved. Well the bed is already high, but Mom was set on raising it some more by putting the bed on risers to give her more storage underneath it.

Well, this should explain the rest...

Monday, Shelby and I went and did some shopping.

After supper, Shelby and Granddad went and picked up pinecones in the yard followed by a game of "Plant Your Feet".

We had a great weekend. It was great to see everyone and can't wait to come home again.

Happy 4th of July!! Everyone be safe.

Until then...


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. Is Mom's bed not hysterical? I love that video!

Weezer said...

I love my bed! Wonder how long Dad's going to let me keep it like that! Great job, Angelia, with your blog! I enjoy reading what you do.