Wednesday, March 17, 2010


After a hard day of moving furniture and working in her room,
Shelby gave out.
She was sitting on her stool in the kitchen eating a late night snack.
It became very quiet.
This was what we found.
She fell asleep sitting up.

until then...


Jessica said...

Poor thing! must've worked her hard! Didja just leave her there? She looks pretty content. =) I can't imagine falling asleep like that.

Wait. I think I have before. I'm remembering a time or two in college..... Never mind. =)

Good to see you on here again. Missed you.

Granny said...

How pathetic she looks! But Grandpa always says this is the best sleep! But if I did this I wouldn't be able to move for a month when I got up. I would love to see what you have done to her room. It is always nice to do something new!

Weezer said...

How sweet that is. You must have worked every bit of energy out of that little person.
I'll bet she slept good at night.