Monday, March 2, 2009

I became a kid again


A rare sight to southerners.

We got some of this strange white stuff here in Greenville.
3 inches to be exact.

And what fun!!!

These two pictures were taken after it had been

snowing about an hour.

Shelby trying to understand.

She hasn't seen snow like this before.

Was this the best they could do?

"Mommy, it tastes like sugar!"


Here in the south, it doesn't have to have to be July

to grill out.

We have to eat, right?

It's now the morning after.

35 degrees.


I'm cold.

School's out.

I may not get dressed today.

Then again I may go explore the beauty of this

phenomenon one more time.

Stay tuned.

Until then...

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I thought y'all probably got some snow when I was watching the news. How cool! We got nada. Nuttin. Lots of cold rain. =(

Shelby looks like she was having a blast. Has it all melted away today?

Oh, and um........I didn't get dressed today, and I don't have that great an excuse. =/