Sunday, August 9, 2009


For those of you who know Shelby, you know that she has had a fear of water
in, on, or near her face or head.

Well, the fear has been conquered.

As of today, Shelby now LOVES the water.

She has always liked the water except when it reaches her neck.

So let it be known that hair washing is even a piece of cake!

All thanks to a GREAT pair of goggles!

Until then...


Jessica said...

NO WAY! I thought it would never happen! Congrats on making it to this wonderful point!

I think of Shelby every single night when I give Leah her bath. I just pour water all over her - straight over her head so it runs down her face and eyes and everything - because I want her to know that bath/water = in your face. Period. It's just gonna happen.

One question, though...... Does she wear the goggles when you wash her hair? =D

Weezer said...

What a sight she is with those big things on! Jessica had told me about the goggles but I was thinking maybe something like what we have used in the tanning bed. How in the world did you ever get her to even try them!?