Friday, January 23, 2009

Precious Memories

This past weekend Shelby and I took a trip to Columbus, Georgia.
Home of Granny and Grandpa.
Shelby doesn't realize it now but the time she spends with her great grandparents is time she will always cherish.
I have early childhood memories of Mawmaw and Pawpaw.
Sitting with the Sears catalog and preparing a shopping list of wants.
"I buy that."
Walking up the steep driveway on Valleybrook Rd to them sitting on the front porch with the Camellia bush in full bloom.
The slam of the storm door echoing in the neighborhood.
The smell of Pawpaws pipe.
Mawmaw's crocheting.
How I miss them.

Shelby and Great-Grandpa fixing pancakes

Talking and watching the birds

Shelby teaching Great-Granny how to play the Nintendo DS

I hope Shelby holds on to the memories she has created with her great grandparents.

I cherish the ones I have of mine.

Until then...

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Jessica said...

That was a sweet post. It's good to see you on here.....glad you're doing okay. Hugs!