Friday, December 19, 2008

Party like a 1st Grader

Today was the last day of school for every school aged
child in the southeast.
The amount of time they are out -
2 WEEKS!!!
For all of you out there, be afraid.
For today was also their Christmas parties at school.
And that means SUGAR.
Shelby and her class had a good time.
They played games like putting Rudolph's nose in the right spot.
Shelby got dizzy when she was spun around.
"Santa" came to visit as well.
But Shelby said he was fake.
"That was a pillow under his jacket, that's how I know."

She knows that the REAL Santa is at the North Pole and that he has lots of helpers that look like him because he needs help.

We had an incident a couple weeks ago where one of the children in her class told Shelby that Santa wasn't real.

She came home so upset.

When I asked her what she thought she told me she believes in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Jesus, and God. Oh, and all other fairies, too.

I melted.

Instead of doing a toy gift exchange, the class did a book exchange instead.

Shelby got a Barbie book.

She was pleased with hers.

Ready for Christmas!!

Until then...


Jessica said...

What a great update! She's too cute. I miss her.

And oh my gosh.....I would have melted, too, when she said that. How precious! I'll have to pass that story on to Ms. Vickie.

I wish y'all could make it home for Christmas! Mom said you might be able to come the week after, and maybe be here for Shelby's birthday? Is that still possible? I hope so!!!

Weezer said...

Shelby has grown up without me. That makes me sad. but it sounds like you're doing things right. I miss all of you.